In these zines I use my poetry and photographs I have taken and randomly chosen, to put into the zine. I then order the chosen pieces and make them seem to make sense. At least to me. 

For me, zines are like small and portable galleries, and so a perfect way of 'exhibitioning' work.


Isolation Zine Set

During this quarantine I have written poetry specific to the situation. As I have been unable to go out and take photos in the way that I would normally, I have decided to just write the poetry into A7 zines, without photos to accompany. I feel that this might cause the reader to focus more on the writing.  I also feel that the lack of photos goes with the atmosphere of this quarantine: cut off.

One of six so far.

Intrusive Thoughts Zine Set

A set of six zines I recently created using randomly chosen excepts from poems I have written and randomly chosen photo prints from my film camera. Though the poem quotes and the photos are randomly chosen, their order in the zine are curated by me.  

More Found Images

November 2019

All images found in Liverpool bookshop.

Poetry typewritten in red using an Olympia typewriter.

Found Poetry

’ Is existence a voluntary thing? Can you opt out?’

‘I think that in some way we know when something bad is going to happen.’

’ Can you feel it pushing down on you?’

’ Take your time. I can wait.’


All these photos were found in a bookshop, then typed on with a manual typewriter. The quotes written on the photos were written by me.


I like how the narrative flows between each photo in the last image.

Research Project

 For my Research project in Third Year of the BA Fine Art I chose to explore the Ethics of the Collection of Cultural Artefacts. I decided to tie this project to my practise by using postcards found in antique shops and typewriting the question of the ethics of this issue onto them. I then sent the postcards to different institutions in Liverpool. I had intended to do more, but the four I did send were never returned, nor replied to, so I deemed the project obsolete and stopped. 

After much thought I think that the use of postcards, and my demand they reply the same way, was daunting and arrogant, especially in the face of a question that even experts on the subject is extremely complex and difficult to answer. 

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